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Property Refurbishment & Renovation

In recent years it’s been hard to escape from the vast number of property refurbishment and renovation programmes on TV. These shows have sparked a real interest in the potential to make money from investing in property and then re-selling after a renovation or refurbishment project.

To cut down on costs, many people take on massive refurbishments themselves whilst still trying to hold down their day jobs. Instead of burning yourself out over a period of months, you can turn around your property much quicker and sometimes more cheaply by getting in professional building company.

Typical Renovation & Refurbishment Tasks

If the house you’ve bought is nothing more than a shell then you’ll need a reliable and preferably local builder to take on all manner of tasks including;
  • Structural work like knocking down walls
  • Rebuilding staircases
  • Ripping out old fixtures such as fireplaces
It is possible that you could do some or all of this work yourself but if you’re not sure what you’re doing, the local building control may find a number of faults when they come to inspect your workmanship which will then cost money to put right.

Find a local refurbishment company online now.

Refurbishment & renovation tip: Take firm control of your renovation budget from day one and review it regularly to see if it’s still on track.