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Residential Property Project Management

Every year, thousands of people in the UK buy investment properties with a view to renovating them and selling for a profit.

In many cases, people’s life savings are at stake, so it’s definitely a good idea to bring in a professional project manager to oversee things, especially if you have other work commitments that mean you can’t always be at the property.

The role of a project manager should never be underestimated and there are numerous tasks that they typically perform on a residential property project, including;
  • Provide a detailed quote for all work to be carried out
  • Liaise with architects and local planning officials
  • Manage a staged payment process
  • Review the finished work and identify any problem areas

Commercial Property Project Management

While it may be possible for you to undertake the duties of residential property project management yourself, depending on your skill set and the scale of the project involved, the same can’t be said for commercial property project management.

There have been many high profile cases in recent years where government project costs have spiralled out of control, an example being the Scottish Parliament Building which ended up being built for over ten times the original budget.

With huge budgets and detailed contracts to consider, ensuring you appoint the right project manager for your commercial construction project is key to its overall success or failure.

Residential project management tip: Don’t be afraid to hold your hands up and call in a professional if you’re finding that managing your own project is becoming too difficult. Even though it’s an additional cost, a good project manager will save you from making very costly mistakes.