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New Build Housing

Moving into a new build house is an exciting time and often if you commit to buying early in the process you can get a say in things like the kitchen worktops, carpets and curtains.

There are three main recognised industry bodies in this sector;

The House Builders Association which represents small and medium sized house builders.

The Home Builders Federation which is the main voice of the house building sector in England & Wales and in Scotland the principle body is Homes for Scotland.

Advantages of New Build Housing

There are many plus points to bear in mind if you’re thinking of buying a new build house, including;
  • It’s a blank canvas
  • No wear and tear issues with the property
  • You can often get discounts if you buy in the early stages of development
Not all new house are built equally and many people have found that months after moving in, they still have a list of ‘snagging issues’ that they’re waiting for the building company to fix.

Buying a new home is usually the most significant investment people make in their lifetime so it’s critical that you do your research on the company building the new houses and what sort of reputation they have within the industry.

New build housing tip: When you move into your new house, try everything out as soon as possible to make sure it’s working correctly so you can give a list of any faults to the developer right away.