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Listed Building Restorations

Extensive consultation with architects, local planning officials and building control bodies is crucial when restoring a listed building.

Protected buildings require a specialist building company with relevant restoration experience.

There are a number of key areas that need to be considered;
  • Sourcing the correct materials
  • Using the approved building restoration methods
  • Relationships and liaison with necessary parties
Many specialist listed building restoration companies will help you from the planning stage right through to the end of your project, ensuring that everything is done properly and with the correct permissions, in order to avoid any conflict or unwanted additional costs.

Listed Building Categories

It’s important to note that the system of grading listed buildings is different in England & Wales to that in Scotland.

In England you have Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II listed buildings, with just 2.5% of buildings having a Grade I status. The status of your property will help determine what restoration activities you can and can’t carry out.

In Scotland, the grading of Category A, Category B or Category C(s) is awarded to buildings by Historic Scotland.

Listed building restoration tip: Carrying out work on a listed building without prior consent is a criminal offence for which you can be prosecuted so ensure you have all the necessary permissions in place before you do anything.