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Commercial & Industrial Builders

Large scale construction projects for commercial or industrial use can take years to pass through planning regulations.

Buildings like new out of town shopping centres and industrial parks require a great deal of contractor and sub-contractor expertise to ensure they’re finished on time and on budget.

Finding the right commercial or industrial builder for your project can be a time consuming process involving months of discussions on agreements, payments and contracts etc.

For large government and local authority projects such as schools and hospitals, the building contracts are often put out to tender and there are many criteria each company has to meet to enable them to submit a bid for the work.

Shop Fitting and Internal Building Work

With many large scale commercial and industrial building projects, the construction of the outer shell is only part of the overall process.

Take an out of town shopping centre for example which will require a range of specialist building skills as well as other trades such as plumbers, electricians, joiners & roofing contractors.

Commercial & industrial building tip: Make sure you seek specialist legal advice from someone with experience in your industry to help you draw up contracts between you and your building supplier.